Inequality, Poverty, and Economic Development: Course Map & Recommended Resources

Topic Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to discover if inequality is linked to health outcomes in the US. Work in groups to answer the following.

  1. Goto the St Louis FRED Website and plot a graph of income inequality for a county or city of your choice in the United States. What is the income inequality measure you are using? Explain what you see.
  2. Goto the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website called “Sortable Risk Factors and Health Indicators” < > Pick the same county, city, or state as you did in 1 above. Now select a health indicator such as Child Mortality, Suicide, or so on. Explain what you see.
  3. Do you think these two variables are correlated? Does correlation imply causality? Discuss.
  4. BONUS1: See if you can download the data and make a scatter plot. See this YouTube video to figure out how to produce a scatter plot. Vertex42 (2017). “Creating an XY Scatter Plot in Google Sheets” < >
  5. BONUS2: Find Economic Research that has explored the connections you are interested in. Use Google Scholar to find journal articles.