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Hot Potato!

Activity LInk: Hot Potato!  Activityon Heating and Cooling

Student Activity Tester Comments:

  1. Time required to complete the activity: About 2 hours
  2. One person can complete the activity, but having a lab partner is recommended
  3. This experiment does take a lot of time to do and can be tedious if they do not have the proper tools like the digital thermometer or a properly working oven.
  4. Can be challenging in a dorm setting.  A convectional oven is cheaper and is what I used but it can mess up the data very easily and take longer depending on how many potatoes one is using.
  5. The Oneida thermometer costs $20, the potatoes can cost around $5.
  6. Deriving the formulas in the experiment is very helpful as well as explaining the "lag" between the temperature of the potato and the temperature of the oven.
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