Statistics and Probability
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Chi-square, Contingency Table, Independence, Tmm0102
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Contingency Tables

Module Overview

An association between two variables explains how one variable changes in response to changes in the other variable. A lack of association indicates that the two variables are independent of each other, meaning the chances of events of one variable are not affected by the occurrence or non-occurrence of events of the other variable. In this module we will learn about the different tools used for analyzing associations in two-variable categorical data sets.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify response and explanatory variables
  • Organize data into two-way tables
  • Study joint, marginal and conditional distributions and learn the relationship between them
  • Observed and expected frequencies, Chi-Square test statistic
  • Chi-Square test of independence – set up hypothesis, use technology to run the test and interpret P-value

Textbook Material - 

·         Chapter 11.3 – Test of Independence – Pages 627 - 632

Section 1: Chapter Exercises

Suggested Exercises – odds 86 - 100

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Section 2: Class Worksheet

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Section 3: Lab

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Section 4: Key Terms