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Government Leadership, Oss0212, Sociology
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Detail types of government and leadership

Module Overview

OER Text material

Types of Political Systems

Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World. This section describes and explores the strengths and weaknesses of monarchies, democracies, and authoritarian and totalitarian structures.

Section 1: Supplementary Material (Videos and Reading)

Totalitarianism vs Authoritarianism (Video)

Differentiates between totalitarianism and authoritarianism

The Stability of Monarchy Myth

A refutation of the idea that monarchies are the most stable forms of government

Democracy, Authoritarian Capitalism, and China (Video)

From the video summary: “For the last hundred years or so, it seemed that one important ingredient for running an economically successful country was a western-style democratic government. All evidence pointed to the idea that capitalist representative democracies made for the best economic outcomes. It turns out that isn't the only way to succeed. In the last 40 years or so, authoritarian capitalism as it's practiced in places like China and Singapore has been working really, really well.”