Understanding Bureaucracies and their Types

Which describes the ideal bureaucracy according to Max Weber?

  1. an apolitical, hierarchically organized agency
  2. an organization that competes with other bureaucracies for funding
  3. a wasteful, poorly organized agency
  4. an agency that shows clear electoral responsiveness

Which of the following models of bureaucracy best accounts for the way bureaucracies tend to push Congress for more funding each year?

  1. the Weberian model
  2. the acquisitive model
  3. the monopolistic model
  4. the ideal model



An example of a government corporation is ________.

  1. NASA
  2. the State Department
  3. Amtrak
  4. the CIA

Briefly explain why government might create a government corporation.


Congress tends to create government corporations to perform services that respond to market forces but are too important to the public to be allowed to fail.