Importance of Fungi in Human Life

Review Questions

Yeast is a facultative anaerobe. This means that alcohol fermentation takes place only if:

  1. the temperature is close to 37°C
  2. the atmosphere does not contain oxygen
  3. sugar is provided to the cells
  4. light is provided to the cells



The advantage of yeast cells over bacterial cells to express human proteins is that:

  1. yeast cells grow faster
  2. yeast cells are easier to manipulate genetically
  3. yeast cells are eukaryotic and modify proteins similarly to human cells
  4. yeast cells are easily lysed to purify the proteins



Why are fungal insecticides an attractive alternative to chemical pesticides for growing food crops?

  1. Human consumption of fungal insecticides would not make a person sick, but ingestion of chemical pesticides can be harmful to humans.
  2. A single fungal insecticide would kill a wider variety of insects than a chemical pesticide.
  3. Fungal insecticides can eliminate both harmful insects and plant pathogens, while chemical pesticides only kill insects.
  4. Fungal insecticides will decompose dying plants, enhancing the nitrogen content of the soil, while chemical pesticides are not decomposers.