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About OhioLINK

Since 1992, OhioLINK’s enduring mission is to provide Ohio students, faculty, researchers and citizens with the best academic library content to ensure they have the tools necessary to achieve their goals and aspirations. OhioLINK creates a competitive advantage for Ohio's higher education community by cooperatively and cost-effectively acquiring, providing access to, and preserving an expanding array of print and digital scholarly resources in order to advance teaching, learning, research, and the growth of Ohio's knowledge-based economy. OhioLINK and its 120 members libraries are committed to an all-encompassing content model, allowing students, faculty and researchers at 92 higher education institutions access to an extensive shared pool of curricular and research materials far more extensive than any individual institution could afford to purchase on its own.

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What is Affordable Learning?

Affordable Learning Ohio is OhioLINK's series of initiatives to lower the cost of college for Ohio higher education students by assisting our member libraries and campuses in identifying strategies for Open and Affordable Learning textbook and course material adoption, and helping locate statewide shareable library materials as well as open educational resources that are no cost or lower cost to students.

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