The Science of Biology

Free Response

Although the scientific method is used by most of the sciences, it can also be applied to everyday situations. Think about a problem that you may have at home, at school, or with your car, and apply the scientific method to solve it.


Answers will vary, but should apply the steps of the scientific method. One possibility could be a car which doesn’t start. The hypothesis could be that the car doesn’t start because the battery is dead. The experiment would be to change the battery or to charge the battery and then check whether the car starts or not. If it starts, the problem was due to the battery, and the hypothesis is accepted.

Give an example of how applied science has had a direct effect on your daily life.


Answers will vary. One example of how applied science has had a direct effect on daily life is the presence of vaccines. Vaccines to prevent diseases such polio, measles, tetanus, and even influenza affect daily life by contributing to individual and societal health.

Name two topics that are likely to be studied by biologists, and two areas of scientific study that would fall outside the realm of biology.


Answers will vary. Topics that fall inside the area of biological study include how diseases affect human bodies, how pollution impacts a species’ habitat, and how plants respond to their environments. Topics that fall outside of biology (the “study of life”) include how metamorphic rock is formed and how planetary orbits function.

Thinking about the topic of cancer, write a basic science question and an applied science question that a researcher interested in this topic might ask.


Answers will vary. Basic science: What evolutionary purpose might cancer serve? Applied science: What strategies might be found to prevent cancer from reproducing at the cellular level?