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    Graphing Functions

    Graphing Functions and Study of General Behavior Of Functions

    Desmos is an excellent resource for teaching graphing of functions. 

    A picture is worth thousand words. Especially in mathematics. In this module we will learn about graphing functions and equations. If necessary, review Cartesian Plane concepts.

    In this section we will learn about a graphing a function and study its behavior. In particular, we will identify intervals in the domain over which a given function decreases, increases or remains constant, and determine local or absolute extreme values. In later sections we will study the behavior of a function around its asymptotes and when the input numbers become extremely large in absolute value. 

    Learning Objectives:

    • Tabulate a function
    • Graph a function
    • Graph a piecewise defined function
    • Conduct a symmetry test
    • Determine intervals of increase and decrease
    • Identify local extreme values
    • Analyze a graph and determine the properties of the corresponding function
    • Use technology to draw graphs
      • Graphing with Desmos
      • Graphing with TI-83, TI-84