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    Linear Functions

    Linear Functions

    Slope a line and its interpretation as average rate of change are important. The difference quotient is the slope of a secant line joining two points on the graph of a curve. It is important for the precalculus student to be able to compute and make sense of difference quotient for various types of functions. Additionally, students should be able to find equations of lines under various contexts.

    Linear Functions are most basic functions in mathematics. They are simple to formulate and evaluate mathematically. Linear functions have many applications in calculus in general, and in business, economics, psychology, etc. in particular.

    Learning Objectives

    1. Domain and range
    2. Interpretation of slope as average rate of change
    3. Intercepts and graph
    4. Finding equation of line using slope and intercept
    5. Finding equation of a line using two points in the plane
    6. Properties of parallel and perpendicular lines
    7. Finding equations of parallel and perpendicular lines
    8. Modeling with linear with functions