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  • Counting
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  • Oode080
  • Place Value
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    Counting Module

    The Shepherd's Necklace

    This activity brings up a situation in which a one-to-one correspondence is useful for comparing two sets.  We use this opportunity to define one-to-one correspondence, and show the importance and power of one-to-one correspondence in comparing two sets without the use of counting. 

    A Place of Value

    The intent in this activity is to get the students to see the inner workings of our place value system for quantifying sets, especially larger sets.  This activity can also give the opportunity to make the distinction between a number (the quantity attribute of a set) versus a numeral (the symbol or word we use to denote that quantity). We use different bases and different symbols to prompt our future teachers to concentrate on the ``hidden'' rules of the counting and how they correspond with objects.