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  • Integers
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  • Operations
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    Operations Overview Module

    Where Have the Integers Been?

    In this first activity, our goal is to define integers, give some examples of real-life contexts in which negative numbers make sense, and then begin using these contexts to draw pictures and solve addition problems.  Overall, we try to treat integers not just from an algebraic standpoint, but focusing more on how young children think about integers so that our students learn to reason about these types of numbers rather than simply memorize rules for operating with them.

    Integers and Subtraction

    Our overall goal in this activity is to make significant progress in the understanding of the checks and bills model, particularly as it pertains to addition and subtraction problems.

    Our Problems are Multiplying

    The main purpose of this activity is to talk about issues with multiplication, as well as clear up as much confusion and as many questions as we can.  Our goal is to have students be familiar with number lines and checks and bills by the end of the activity.

    What Operation Would You Use?

    This activity assumes that all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) have been introduced.  The goal is for students to identify and justify an appropriate operation for solving the given problem.