Elementary Education, Mathematics
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Ohio Open Ed Collaborative
  • Geometry
  • Oode080
  • Parallel Postulate
  • Parallelism
  • Properties of Shapes
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Shapes
  • Teacher Education
  • Triangles
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    Shapes Module

    Get Lost!

    The intent of this activity is to develop two definitions of angle:
    (1) as two rays with a common vertex and the attribute measured by an angle is the relative direction between the rays (as opposed to a "spacey'' measurement), and (2) as an amount of rotation.

    Parallel Lines

    This activity is intended to help students discover what it means for two lines to be parallel.  This activity is also intended to introduce the Parallel Postulate, though the instructor will need to direct students to this idea during the discussion. 

    Here's Looking at Euclid

    The idea in this activity is to help students to see the generalizability of the "same direction'' definition of parallel lines as opposed to the still-useful (in 2-D) lines that never intersect.

    Property Investigation

    The goal in this activity is to help students investigate the relationships between shapes and understand which shapes are special cases of which other shapes.  Generally, this activity treats triangles and quadrilaterals, and assumes that special quadrilaterals have already been defined.

    Construction Zone

    In this activity, students learn several methods for constructing various triangles and quadrilaterals. These methods include paper folding, compass and ruler constrcutions, and compass and straightedge constructions.

    The Mighty Triangle

    This activity was invented to illustrate how the properties of triangles affect the properties of other shapes when we decompose other shapes into triangles.