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    Measurement Module

    I'm the Biggest Kid!

    This activity is intended to introduce measurement, particularly using non-standard units. The activity in particular should bring up the need for measurement, the ambiguities that can occur when comparing different types of measurements, as well as give a gentle introduction to doing measurement.  We also encounter the idea of measuring different aspects of the same object, and how these different measurements can be somewhat independent.  Also included is some time to discuss children's misconceptions about measurement.

    Where Do We Live?

    This activity is intended to introduce the notion of dimension.


    This activity is intended to introduce the idea of measuring with a non-standard unit.  Both length and area are considered in this activity, and this is the first activity in which owe ask our students to actually produce a measurement.

    Try this On for Size

    This activity is intended to help students deepen their understanding of measurement, and is the first activity we do with standard units of measure.  We begin with measuring length, then move to measuring area.  If we have time, we briefly discuss volume at the end of the class.

    Back and Forth

    This activity is an introduction to the concept of measurement conversion, but uses non-standard units rather than the standard ones.