Elementary Education, Mathematics
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Ohio Open Ed Collaborative
  • Linear Equations
  • Oode080
  • Similarity
  • Symmetry
  • Teacher Education
  • Transformations
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    Similarity and Scaling Module

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    The goal of this activity is to understand the connection between linear relationships, slope, and scaling.  These ideas will be represented in both equations and graphs.  

    Reflections, Rotations, Translations

    The purpose of this activity is to introduce the ideas of rigid motions (reflection, translation, rotation) without a coordinate system and have students work with these ideas using compass and protractor to develop their ability to visualize these transformations.

    Which Transformation is This?

    The goal of this activity is to have students explore how different transformations interact.  Overall, we usually aim more to help students develop their ideas about transformations rather than just get to the correct answer.  


    This activity is designed to introduce the notion of symmetry.  The definition of symmetry that we use is included in the activity, so students also get practice with applying a new definition to these problems.