Elementary Education, Mathematics
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Ohio Open Ed Collaborative
  • Linear Relationships
  • Oode080
  • Ratios
  • Scaling
  • Teacher Education
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    Ratios Module

    Orange You Glad We're Back to Ratios

    This is the start of a more advanced ratios unit, designed to connect other elemetntary school ideas to that of ratios.  The objective of this activity is to help students make the connection between the "going through one'' strategy of solving pure ratio problems and the familiar (from school) slope of a line that contains (0, 0).  We want the students to connect these ideas both algebraically and graphically.  

    Scale It Up

    The goal of this activity is to help students discover what happens to area and volume when we scale rectangles and rectangular prisms.  Our overall goal is to develop scale factors for one, two, and three dimensional scaling.