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  • Area
  • Area Formula
  • Oode080
  • Perimeter
  • Pi
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    Area Module

    Building Blocks

    This activity is meant to help students understand why and when the formula A = L x W is appropriate for calculating area.

    Taking Up Space

    The purpose of this activity is to help students cement their understanding of the meaning of area, as well as draw out some common misconceptions about area.  After this activity, students should be able to confidently answer the question: What is area, and how do we measure it?

    Measuring Circles

    This activity is intended to help students see that the ratio of circumference to diameter in a circle is constant, and in discussion we name this value pi.

    Perimeter and Area

    This is a hands-on activity in which students conjecture a relationship between perimeter and area of first rectangles, and then shapes in general.  Students have the opportunity to use the formulae we've justified for various shapes and to think about how to calculate the area of a shape without already having the sides or heights labeled.