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    Education Standards

    Compare and contrast an essentialist and a constructionist view of gender


    OER Text material

    Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World Chapter 11 Section 1

    Chapter 11 Section 1 compares sex and gender, differentiates biological and cultural influences on gender, and discusses gender socialization. Primary and secondary sex characteristics are defined. A definition of femininity and masculinity is given, but this definition is weak. There is an excellent discussion of how biology and society influence difference between girls and boys. There is also a somewhat detailed description of Margaret Mead’s work and the influence of culture on gender. There is no discussion of doing gender.  This a significant weakness and supplemental material should be included to capture the notion of how gender is performed and maintained through everyday interactions. Additionally, masculinity and femininity as a continuum should be explored or at least mentioned.

    Supplementary Material (Videos and Reading)

    The Social Construction of Sex: Intersex as Evidence

    Brief article discussing intersex and how intersexed individuals can help us understand the social construction of sex.

    The Sociological Cinema: "Doing Masculinity Through Humor"

    The source provides a link to a 2:11 minute video in which two young male actors “act” like young females. It is a great way to illustrate doing masculinity. Ways to incorporate the theory of doing gender are included via this link.

    Everyday Sociology Blog “Bullying and Doing Gender”

    In this source the author connects bullying to gender policing.  Gender policing is process of giving consequences to individuals that are not doing gender properly.