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    Education Standards

    Define economy and explain how technological changes influenced the economy over time


    OER Text Material

    Economic Development in Historical Perspective

    Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World, 13.1. Addresses technological changes from pre-industrial societies, industrial and post-industrial societies and defines the term economy. A short discussion of surplus is addressed in connection to the emergence of the economy as an institution.

    Supplementary Material (Videos and Reading)

    “The Market” by Richard Swedberg

    Contexts, Vol. 6, Number 4, pp 64-67 (NOTE: Available via OhioLINK). Reviews meanings and ideological uses of the term, “market” within classic and economic thought to introduce a sociological view of markets and market processes.   

    Economic Systems & the Labor Market: Crash Course Sociology (Video)

    From the video summary: “how economies can be broken down into the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. We’ll look at the three stages of economic revolution that brought us to the modern post-industrial era.”

    How We Got Here: Crash Course Sociology (Video)

    The first part of this video (to 7:20) discusses Gerhard Lenski’s classification of societies defined by the technologies that they use.  The video discusses pre-industrial, industrial and post-industrial societies, and covers the relationship between surplus, exploitation and inequality.

    Works In Progress: Sociology on the Economy, Work and Inequality

    “Works in Progress: Sociology on the economy, work and inequality is a public sociology blog of the American Sociological Association (ASA). It is intended to disseminate sociological research and findings to the general public, with a particular emphasis on contributing to policy debates.”  News analysis and research reports posted on this blog are current, robust and accessible yet challenging for the introductory student.


    US economy: Statistics at a Glance

    “The Financial Time’s one-stop overview of key US economic data and trends, including GDP, inflation, unemploymentconsumer indicators, and the outlook for US interest rates and mortgage rates.” This site provides current and easy-to-read graphs and tables on a variety of measures of the U.S. economy, including market trends, economic predictions, employment statistics and productivity.