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    Education Standards

    Identify trends in educational attainment in the United States as compared to other high-income countries.


    OER Text Material

    Introduction to Sociology 2e, Derived from Introduction to Sociology by OpenStax
    This section of Open Stax describes the differences in educational resources around the world and explores differences in access to education from a global perspective.  It highlights the importance of social background in both educational attainment and in access to education. (The main text does not adequately cover this area.)

    Supplementary Material (Readings & Video)

    1. U.S. students’ academic achievement still lags that of their peers in many other countries 
      This article provides a detailed comparison of educational achievement in standardized testing in Math, Science and Reading to 34 other OECD member countries.
    2. Why Are Finland’s Schools Successful? 
      Finnish schools are mentioned briefly in the text. This article provides detail of the differences in the Finnish educational system that may lead to greater academic achievement. 
    3. How American schools measure up to schools around the globe
      This 8 minute PBS News Hour video clip discusses changes in educational delivery and systems have led to changes in educational attainment. Debunks the myth that large impoverished populations in the U.S.  lead to lower levels of  educational attainment in the United States.