How to Use This Guide

This document is intended to highlight resources that can be used to address the topics of Grammar and Style in a First-Year Writing Course. This information could also be used in a Second-Year Writing Course. All resources are Open Access and can be downloaded or added to a Course Management System via hyperlink.


In this section, style and grammar are addressed in three different senses. There is a Style Guide that covers audience awareness and clear written communications. That is followed by a guide to the most common Citation Styles (APA, MLA, and CMS). Last but not least, there is an in depth Grammar Handbook that comes with exercises and checklists for perfecting mechanics and assuring strong revision and proofreading.

Learning Objectives

This module is designed to address the following learning objectives:

  1. Be aware of intended audience
  2. Use standard written English
  3. Communicate clearly and efficiently
  4. Overcome barriers to clear communications
  5. Format correctly
  6. Use the appropriate citation style with sources
  7. Avoid grammatical and mechanical errors
English Language Arts, Composition and Rhetoric
Material Type:
Unit of Study
Community College / Lower Division
  • Tme0012