Arts and Humanities
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Unit of Study
Plea Bargain, Super PAC, Political Action Committee, Sherbert Test, Plessy v. Ferguson, Coverture, Title IX, Bradley Effect, Reconstruction, Straight-ticket Voting, Equality, Socialism, Voting-age Population, Direct Action, Undue Burden Test, Residency Requirement, Favorability Polls, Economic Liberty, Referendum, Top-two Primary, Diffuse Support, Strict Scrutiny, Black Codes, Chronic Minority, De Facto Segregation, Grandfather Clause, American Indian Movement (AIM), Free Exercise Clause, Coattail Effect, Civil Rights, Campaign, Communism, Agent of Socialization, Prior Restraint, Incumbent, Blue Law, Closed Primary, Incumbency Advantage, Modern Conservatism, Poll, Voter Turnout, Push Poll, Bandwagon Effect, Self-incrimination, Traditional Conservativism, Random Sample, Early Voting, Bill of Rights, Exclusionary Rule, Right to Privacy, Straw Poll, Fascism, Classical Liberalism, White Primary, Rational Basis Test, Eminent Domain, Disenfranchisement, Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), Civil Disobedience, Theory of Delegate Representation, Ideology, Survey, Voter Registration, Understanding Text, Caucus, Conscientious Objector, Trail of Tears, Overt Content, Glass Ceiling, Comparable Worth, Leading Questions, Poll Tax, Miranda Warning, Platform, Horserace Coverage, Initiative, Winner-take-all, Public Opinion, Common-law Right, Midterm Elections, Representative Sample, Electoral College, Intermediate Scrutiny, Open Primary, District System, Search Warrant, Margin of Error, Symbolic Speech, Due Process Clause, Political Socialization, Modern Liberalism, Recall, Covert Content, Election, Double Jeopardy, Affirmative Action, De Jure Segregation, Equal Protection Clause, Voting, Exit Poll, Shadow Campaign, Brown v. Board of Education, Ballot Fatigue, Literacy Tests, Probable Cause, Civil Liberties, Voter Fatigue, Selective Incorporation, Delegates, Jim Crow Laws, Establishment Clause, Obscenity