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21st Century Workplace Skills: Lesson 0 Introduction
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This course is the result of Columbus State Community College's Open Educational Resources Initiative. We started with the goal of creating a comprehensive workplace skills course with no additional student textbook costs. An exhaustive search of the available OER resources determined there was a need for a single collection of materials. Therefore, we have create this series of Workplace Skills lessons for the global community to use, share and adapt, provided the source is acknowledged.

You'll find the Workplace Skills collection of lessons adapted materials from a wide variety of resources including existing OER textbooks, nonprofits, state and national government resources, news outlets and more. Lesson content includes various formats such as readings, articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, activities, worksheets and more. Additional course enhancements created by Columbus State's Distance Education & Instructional Support (DEIS) are also included.

The direct link to Lesson 0 Introduction is https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/Z8t6NMUexXa2F1/html

This course includes the following topics:

Lesson 1 The Future of Work
Lesson 2 Interpersonal Skills
Lesson 3 Decision Making
Lesson 4 Emotional Intelligence
Lesson 5 Working in Teams
Lesson 6 Cultural Competence
Lesson 7 Additional Success Factors
Lesson 8 Digital Literacy
Lesson 9 Career Management

Attributions for each lesson are provided in Lesson 0 on Page 3.

Columbus State Community College Contributors:

Lead Faculty: Jennifer McCord
Open Educational Resources (OER) Librarian: Rachel Dilley
Instructional Designer II: Nancy Stagg
OER Faculty Fellow: Amy Popovich
Peer Reviewer: Dr. Lydia Gilmore

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Columbus State Community College
Columbus State Community College
Jennifer McCord
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OpenStax Biology 2e, The Chemistry of Life, The Study of Life, The Science of Biology
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By the end of this section, you will be able to do the following:

Identify the shared characteristics of the natural sciences
Summarize the steps of the scientific method
Compare inductive reasoning with deductive reasoning
Describe the goals of basic science and applied science

Applied Science
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