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    Explain the agents of socialization


    OER Text Material

    Agents of Socialization, Section 5.3

    Sub-section 5.3 is about the agents of socialization. The agents of socialization explained in this section are the family, peer group, school, workplace, religion, the government and the mass media. The family is identified as the primary agent of socialization. It is good that the agents are grouped under social group agents, and institutional agents.

    Supplementary Material (Videos and Reading)

    Agents of Socialisation (Video)

    This is a 5:05 minute audio description of the agents of socialization. It was uploaded by Zoe Morse in May 2015. This piece throws in other concepts like acculturation, enculturation and sexuality which are not found in typical sociology readings.

    Socialization Agents Family School Lectures (Video)

    This 6:38 minute video identifies that minor and major structures are involved in socialization. It goes further to use the different forms of the family to explain differences in how humans are socialized. Thus, different types of families influence or socialize people differently. In addition, the video explains how gender roles influence socialization. It even uses conflict theory to explain socialization.

    Agents of Socialization, Boundless Sociology

    This is a very easy to read article on the agents of socialization. Apart from the agents of socialization, it deals with resocialization and total institutions.

    Agents of Socialization: Family, Schools, Peers and Media (Video)

    This video starts with a good definition of socialization before delving into the agents of socialization. It notes that all behavior is learned through socialization. The video emphasizes that socialization occurs throughout our lives. The video explains why the family is the primary agent of socialization.