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    Explain the scientific debate of nature versus nurture


    OER Text Material

    Why Socialization Matters: Nature versus Nurture, Section 5.2

    This subsection starts with an explanation that some experts assert that who we are is a result of nurture—the relationships and caring that surround us. It goes on to explain that some other experts argue that who we are is based entirely in genetics. Thus, our temperaments, interests, and talents are set before birth. From this perspective, then, who we are depends on nature. It is noted in the subsection that one way researchers attempt to measure the impact of nature is by studying twins. Such studies followed identical twins who were raised separately. It was found out that the twins shared the same genetics but in some cases were socialized in different ways. Thus, identical twins raised apart are the same and different giving researchers an insight into the way our temperaments, preferences, and abilities are shaped by our genetic makeup versus our social environment.

    Supplementary Material (Videos and Reading)

    Socialization (Video)

    Though this 5:12 minute video is titled Socialization, the presenter goes straight to explain and differentiate between the influence of nature and nurture in making us who we are.

    The Battle Between Nature and Nurture (Video)

    As the title of this video denotes, the content is about the debate between nature and nurture as forming the behavior of people. The presenter insists that sociologists are more inclined to admit that nurture is more influential than nature. It goes on to introduce the concepts of resocialization.

    Social Development: Crash Course Sociology #13 (Video)

    This video starts with a question, “Have you ever met your friend’s parents and noticed that your friend is a mini of their mom not because both have brown hair or pointing nose but the way they talk …..?” The video goes on to explain how much of the similarities could be genetic and how much is learned.

    Essay on Nature vs Nurture Debate

    This two-page essay notes that Nature versus Nurture is the issue of the degree to which environment and heredity influence behavior and development. It goes ahead to define nature as behaviors due to heredity. Then, it explains that nurture are causes of behaviors that are due to environmental factors.

    Twin Studies: What Can They Tell us About Nature and Nurture?

    This is a study of twins to explain the influence of nature and nurture. This study notes that nature and nurture are not opposing rather, genes (nature) combine with the environment (nurture) to produce complex human traits.