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    Define and explain basic terms and concepts related to deviance.


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    Deviance and Control

    Chapter 7. In this chapter, several concepts related to deviance are defined and explained. Such concepts include deviance, social control, sanctions, and social order.

    General Comments on this Section:

    • Data on hate crime is too old – 2009/10
    • Two typos in the chapter at pages 142 AND 144
    • The concept of “Formal sanctions” is used in the chapter. It should be added that formal sanctions are the same as laws
    • A Table is needed for Merton’s Mode of Adaptation

    Supplementary Material (Videos and Reading)

    What is Deviance? (Video)

    This video starts with the definition of deviance as the violation of norms and expectations. Among other factors, the presenters note that for sociologists, deviance can be positive for the society. Thus deviance may serve some functions for the society.

    Introduction to Sociology - Deviance, Crime, and Social Control (Video)

    In this presentation Dr. Damphousse starts by asking what culture is, and what the society expects of citizens. After explaining them, he goes on to mention that people don’t always follow the rules, people act “deviantly” meaning they violate the norms that are expected of them. He goes on to explain why some people violate the norms, and the consequences for that. He distinguishes between deviance and crime.

    Deviance: Crash Course Sociology (Video)

    The presenter starts by asking some important questions like What is social deviance? Who defines what is deviant and how do people come to behave in deviant ways. The presenter explores biological and psychological approaches to explain deviance, including what each perspective can bring to the table, and their inherent limitations. After that, she explains the sociological perspective and the social foundations of deviance.

    6.2 Merton Strain Theory (Video)

    In this video, Merton’s Strain Theory is used to explain deviance behavior. It is about how people adapt to strain. The society has goals that every member is expected to meet. At the same time, the society has approved means of achieving those goals. One is deviant if they don’t use approved means to achieve the goals of the society