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  • Corrections System
  • Dealing With Deviance
  • Oss0212
  • Police
  • Problems of Deviance
  • Social Control
  • Sociology
  • Solutions for Deviance
  • The Courts
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    Education Standards

    Describe and analyze society’s changing solutions to the problems of deviance


    OER Text material

    Crime and the Law

    Chapter 7, subsection 7.3. The society’s solution to the problems of deviance is through the criminal justice system. This involves the use of the police, the courts, and the corrections system. The police are a civil force in charge of enforcing laws and public order at a federal, state, or community level. A court is a system that has the authority to make decisions based on law. The corrections system, more commonly known as the prison system, is charged with supervising individuals who have been arrested, convicted, and sentenced for a criminal offense.

    Supplementary Material (Videos and Reading)

    Deviance and Social Control (Video)

    According to this video, the society uses both formal and informal social control systems to ensure that people conform to societal norms. Another example of social control is degradation ceremony. other examples of social control are given in the video.

    Society’s Ways of Dealing with Deviance

    In this short paper, a student notes that the society uses deterrence, retribution, incapacitation, and rehabitation to deal with the problem of deviance. In the end, he ackowledges that as societies evolve, the solutions to deviance also evolves

    ‘Contractual Governance’ of Deviant Behaviour

    This paper analyses the growing role and implications of forms of ‘contractual governance’ that are emerging in diverse fields of social life and public policy in england and wales, both within and beyond criminal justice. The author discusses contractual governance in a number of fields, including home-school agreements in education, acceptable behavior contracts and introductory tenancies in social housing, restrictive covenants in private residential neighborhoods, domestic security and private residential patrols and youth offender contracts.