The American Yawp, Volume 1 (CSCC Version) PDF Chapter Files

Below are the PDF chapter files of The American Yawp, Volume 1 (CSCC version).

This version of The American Yawp, Volume I is a modified version of The American Yawp, Volume I published by Stanford University Press and edited by Joseph Locke and Ben Wright. The original textbook is licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0, and this version is licensed in the same way.

In this CSCC version, the original book was modified by the addition of focus questions and key terms for each chapter. A pop-up glossary was also added. The book format was also adapted using the Kotobee authoring platform to create a web-based eBook. Additional material is adapted from Benjamin Pugno and Dea Boster, History of Western Medicine to 1700, Autumn 2017 ed. (Columbus, OH: Columbus State Community College, 2017).

The American Yawp, Volume 1 serves as the textbook for HIST 1151 American History to 1877. To take this course for credit, register at

The online eBook can be viewed directly at:

A set of 30 primary source readings is also available to accompany this CSCC version of The American Yawp. The primary sources may be accessed at the following link:

Please attribute this work in the following manner:

"The American Yawp, Vol. 1" by Dea Boster, Christianna Hurford, and Jennifer Nardone, Columbus
State Community College is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0/ A derivative from the original work found at

Download: 00_Yawp_Cover_and_TOC.pdf

Download: 01_Unit_1_-_The_New_World_xB1d5h2.pdf

Download: 02_Unit_2_-_Colliding_Cultures_SZL6rN3.pdf

Download: 03_Unit_3_-_British_North_America_WMwRT0o.pdf

Download: 04_Unit_4_-_Colonial_Society_g7vrwLQ.pdf

Download: 05_Unit_5_-_The_American_Revolution_TkdmT8w.pdf

Download: 06_Unit_6_-_A_New_Nation_m2VpWci.pdf

Download: 07_Unit_7_-_The_Early_Republic_osrE0sn.pdf

Download: 08_Unit_8_-_The_Market_Revolution_O3YcMeH.pdf

Download: 09_Unit_9_-_Democracy_in_America_XtGs2EF.pdf

Download: 10_Unit_10_-_Religion_and_Reform_bes3Jq1.pdf

Download: 11_Unit_11_-_The_Cotton_Revolution_9y15QZ8.pdf

Download: 12_Unit_12_-_Manifest_Destiny_KrHIbWE.pdf

Download: 13_Unit_13_-_The_Sectional_Crisis_XK0cuqV.pdf

Download: 14_Unit_14_-__The_Civil_War_9YmCYWg.pdf

Download: 15_Unit_15_-_Reconstruction_m2WqSch.pdf

Download: 16_Endnotes_VF6rWEQ.pdf

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