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    Materials in Manufacturing

    Material Types, Selection, Properties, and Manufacturing

    This section provides information about the physical and chemical properties of various types of materials and manufacturability of selected materials.  The information is organized by general course content, material typea, and ends with links to the American Society of Materials. 

    Overview of the Relationship Between Materials and Manufacturing (multiple files)

    Materials, Machining, Fabrication and Quality Processes from MIT (multiple links in a single file)

    Lab Activities (Booklet)


    Material Types and Heat Treatment:

    Aerospace Materials,(multiple files)

    Aluminum (multiple files)

    Cast Iron (PDF file)

    Copper (multiple files)

    Heat Treatment (multiple files)

    Iron and Steel (multiple files)

    Nickel (multiple files)

    Polymers & Plastics from MIT (Multiple files)

    Stainless Steel (multiple files)


    American Society of Materials

    ASM has a wealth of information about materials, material science, and material properties relating to manufacturing.  Here are some useful links:

    Materials Science Technology Handbook  This is a PDF document outlining material properties and it provides many experiments and demonstrations relating to material science.  This is an excellent resource developed by: U.S. Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    ASM Teacher Website  This ASM Materials Education Foundation link provides a detailed breakdown of materials, material characteristics, and it provide many experiments and demonstrations that can be done in nearly any classroom. The Material Science Technology Handbook and this link are excellent companion resources.

    Materials Engineering in Lightweight Design is an important initiate being taught in K-12 and college level programs.  There are many useful activities presented here.